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Become a colleague to the most talented and easy-to-work with Cloud professionals a.k.a. Makers

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So, what are these Makers?

Our Makers comprise a cohesive work community, and are skilled IT professionals with a comprehensive skillset. The top priority for this entity is to provide our customers sustainable, longterm solutions - fast bucks are left for the slot machines.

Some of our Makers are working at our own offices and some of them are working at the customer sites, but regular office days with a tasty breakfast is part of our Makers' work lives. Since these Makers are our greatest asset, we want to take extra good care of them: in addition to the above-mention breakfasts, we offer comprehensive personnel benefits, regular after works and other activities - just to name a few.

Our open and innovative culture is built to support self development: to accomplish this, we offer rewards from e.g. completed open source projects, internal demo projects and online courses.

Do I Have the Potential to Become a Maker?

If you identify yourself as a stone hard professional and to whom high quality is of great importance - then absolutely! If it comes naturally to you to avoid being stuck on just one way to do things and you have the ability to see the "big picture", Cybercom has definitely a lot to offer.

Rolf Koski, Cybercom AWS Business Group CTO is new AWS Hero

Maker Principles

Curious Driver Seat Mentality.
You take the steering wheel of your own development. We provide the car, fuel and the road with signs. You just push the gas pedal and choose the route!
High fives, not elbows.
We really care for our culture and how we collaborate with each other. You are surrounded by like-minded down-to-earth professionals. We provide you all the elements to be able to have psychological safety in your work.
Do it with passion.
If there is something that unites all the Makers at Cybercom, it’s our passion for problem-solving. We love to get nerdy with new technologies, innovations and solutions that can bring value to the world around us. If you do things with passion, you will always end up with a spectacular result.
Responsible and sustainable brain power.
With great brain power comes great responsibility. We strive for positive change in everything that we do and stay true to our values when we chose what to put our brains, hearts and hours in. You don’t need to work with clients within unethical or unsustainable industries that we don't believe make tomorrow better.
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We are Makers of Tomorrow

With creativity, passion and an appetite for the unknown, we work everyday to make companies and organisations thrive in the connected world.


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