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Making a better tomorrow while recruiting new Makers

Until the end of the year, we are offering the possibility for our new Makers in Finland to donate 250€ to charity organization important to her/himself to support UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 - see below the organizations we have donated for! ​

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Makers of Tomorrow make good!

We, at Cybercom Finland, have decided to give an opportunity to every new Maker joining us before the end of the year 2019 to donate 250€ to charity organization important to her/himself. Also our existing Makers are given the possibility to make donation based on our internal activity.

We as a company think that to be able to grow with continued profitability, it is important to take responsibility for how people and the environment are affected by the company’s activities. We therefore work with long-term sustainability issues and our sustainability work builds on the UN Global Compact, the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and our code of business ethics and conduct.

This is why we want to support charity organizations to boost the achievement of these UN Goals, and at the same time get new awesome colleagues!

Read more about our work towards the Goals here: https://www.cybercom.com/sustainability/global-compact/contributions-by-cybercom/


Below you can see the organizations that we have donated for and what UN goal it supports:



More info about Unicef: https://www.unicef.org/what-we-do 



Hope - Yhdessä & Yhteisesti ry

GOAL 10: Reduce Inequality

Our Senior Cloud Advisor Sami Lehtinen made the donation in his name to Hope ry. 

More info about Hope ry: https://hopeyhdistys.fi/

Helsingin eläinsuojeluyhdistys Hesy ry

GOAL 3: Good Health and Wellbeing

Our Chief Azure Architect Antti Arnell made the donation in his name to Hesy and especially for the cats. 

Animals improve your health and wellbeing.

More info about Hesy: https://www.hesy.fi/

Lasinen Lapsuus (A-klinikkasäätiö)

GOAL 3: Good Health and Wellbeing

More info about Lasinen Lapsuus: https://lasinenlapsuus.fi/sites/default/files/lasinen_lapsuus-esite.pdf

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