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AWS Bootcamp in Berlin





AWS organized an action-packed bootcamp in their Berlin offices during the summer. The two-day bootcamp had a really tight schedule – there would have been enough topics to expand the bootcamp to even five days. The topics covered revolved around adoption readiness, migration planning and execution and, of course, serverless.

Cloud adoption

AWS CAF, Cloud Adoption Framework, was definitely one of the biggest topics in the bootcamp. CAF is a framework that helps the organisations to navigate through their cloud adoption journey – efficiently and effectively. In my opinion, CAF covers all the needed aspects of cloud transformation and operations making the cloud adoption more controlled and less intimidating.

Cloud migrations

When the decision has been made to migrate all the stuff from on-premise to the cloud, the planning and execution might seem overwhelming at first.

But luckily, AWS has created many migration related best practices and strategies to help one out. The resources cover wide variety of migration aspects including:

  • Business drivers
  • Stages of Adoption
  • Migration Process
  • Migration Strategies
  • Tools and services used

 The migration process can be divided into five distinct phases:

  • Preparation & Business planning
  • Portfolio discovery & planning
  • Application Design
  • Application migration & validation
  • Operations


Without a doubt, serverless is a topic everyone is talking about right now and to be honest, they have a really good reason to boast about it.

AWS approaches serverless with a concept called Lambda. After its release in 2014, it's been taking the tech world by storm and evolved with a stunning pace. A case in point of this is that initially it started with node.js only, and today Lambda is supporting a ton of languages like python, C# and Go - just to name a few.

Lambda is all about functions - you don't need to worry about compute instances, VMs or containers. You're not paying for idle resources as you only pay for executed functions.

Typical use cases for Lambda tends to gravitate towards real-time stream processing, real-time file processing, ETL workloads, IOT & Mobile backends and web applications.

Even though Lambda is a clever concept, it might not be the best fit for all use cases: for example, Lambda might not be the solution for really low latency workloads or for really high payload workloads. I really suggest you read the Lambda FAQ before starting your serverless journey. 

As an interesting anecdote, we’re currently seeing a lot of companies who have missed the container-train completely and are skipping directly to serverless where appropriate.

Makes sense to me!

Final thoughts

Once again Berlin delivered wonderful experiences and massive amount of information. The bootcamp was a success, though unfortunately we couldn’t have the full 3-day workshop - I really would’ve liked to dig much deeper into the serverless architectures and do the full-blown cloud migration exercises. Maybe next time…

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